Fantastic Lightshows, your music and your LED string lights 

Helping everyone enjoy music light-shows
choosing from a huge library of music light-show compositions

Our patented product lets the consumer create and play fantastic music light shows using ordinary LED string lights. Each unit drives 8 channels of light strings, expandable to over 250 WiFi / USB units, controlled by a Mac, tablet or phone. Consumers or musicians compose the light show interfaced to a Digital Audio Workshop, and publish to a music/light-show .mp3 file, for streaming by popular streaming services or played by our Player app. This video explains it all

Here’s the full July 4’th music lightshow

Playback is simple using our media player – Demonstrated in this video

Create a new light show, with Logic Pro, MIDI keyboard, Mac, and a ScottEffx.
Watch this tutorial

Bounce composed lightshows to standard music formats like mp3 for distribution and playback

Marvins Dance music lightshow video, used in Compose tutorial

ScottEffx-composed lightshows

Light show medley

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